And Sew On…

My planned projects inclued an across-the-shoulder ammo belt for my son’s nerf darts…I’m considering making it like a giant-sized bias tape. I found an interesting tutorial here. I should start that tomorrow; the fabric is in the laundry pre-shrinking as we speak. I am also working on turning a skirt into a top, inspired by tutorials I found here and here. I’m not quite sure how that one is going to turn out. The skirt was sheer with a lining, but the lining was starting to shred at the side seams. I’m trying to work out whether to try to salvage it or create a new lining. I also found some fabric and patterns I bought over a year and a half ago (I only know this because the receipt was still with the fabric!) to make my daughter a dress and jacket. Based on the measurements, I might actually manage to still get some garments out of it that fit her! My big project is (hopefully) going to be coordinating outfits for my daughter and me for Easter. The jacket pattern I found is similar in style to one I like for myself, so using the found fabric will be a dry run for that. Pictures to come!


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