My Sewing Room…

Okay, so it’s not a whole room.  It’s a corner of the spare bedroom.  I am trying to get it rechristened as “the sewing room,” though.  Ever since we moved in seven years ago, it’s been known by my kids as “the present room.”  We moved into the house on the first of December, and at the time it was a good place to stash and wrap Christmas presents.  So even after we got a bed in there, it’s been the present room.

The table and chair for my sewing machine used to be my Grandma’s.  The drawers are still full of all the things she put there.  To the right is a sewing box my husband found at an auction.  It too came with various notions and tools inside.  I wanted to have a bulletin board to post ideas, inspirations, or works in progress so I used a cardboard cutting board folded in half.  I was looking for some pins with pretty heads to use to tack things up, when I found some wood thumbtacks that reminded me of old wooden spools.  Then I wrapped some thread around them and they look even more like spools…

The cabinet also belonged to my grandparents.  It is actually two different pieces that don’t belong together.  I never realized that until my mom mentioned it as we were cleaning out the house after Grandma died.  Looking at it now, I can clearly see that the dresser and hutch are two different styles, but growing up, it was always there and it never occurred to me that it wasn’t one piece of furniture.

The reason I wanted it was because on the inside of one of the doors a couple of articles were pasted.  One gives the distances from Hillsboro (our county seat) to places such as Washington, Boston, Belfast, and Sardinia.  No, not D.C., Massachusetts, Ireland, and Italy.  Ohio, Ohio, Ohio, and Ohio.   They are all local communities.  Most of the towns have a little pencil mark beside them and I wondered, did they check off places they had been to, and if so, why not go to Buford, Hollowtown, or Pricetown?  And I’ve got to mention that everytime I hear Pricetown, I mentally add “Needles and Noodles.”  Because Pricetown Needles and Noodles was the name of their 4-H club and I, perhaps like my grandparents, have never been to Pricetown and that’s the only association I have.  My own 4-H club was the Berrysville Whippersnapers.  Try getting that on a t-shirt.  We did.  Another article lists the pounds per bushel of various crops and vegetables, and the smallest one details treatment for lockjaw.  There was nothing special about what was glued inside the cabinet, just that Grandma or Grandpa had put it there.



  1. Enjoyable read! Didn’t know you had a blog.

  2. This was a failed post in one respect. I thought since we are on break from school I would write a couple of extra posts and save them as drafts. Then, when I was too busy to write a proper post, I could pull up one of my drafts to publish. I tried that with this post, but when I published it, it posted according to the order I originally wrote it, not when it was actually published. Live and learn! 🙂

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