Hello, 2012!

Wow, another year gone already!  Time flies when you’re having fun.  Or getting old.  Or something like that.  Tomorrow is the first day of the new year, and it’s time to crystallize my vague goals and get them down on “paper” and start holding myself accountable, so here goes.

  1. Organizing my home:  This has to happen before other things I want to do can happen, like painting a couple of rooms or a new backsplash in my kitchen.  I want to reduce clutter and organize our storage areas.  Right now our finished basement looks like a tornado went through because I have been taking everything out of various storage areas in our house.  I need to spread it all out, decide what should be stored together, and systematically put in back in way that I can find what I need.  At the same time I will be setting some things aside for our next yard sale and throwing out (hopefully lots of) trash.  Getting organized will have the added benefit of making my husband happy because he is stressed out by a cluttered home.  Once the clutter is organized and out of sight, I intend to keep my home so that I will not go into a panic when having company and throw everything into the computer room and shut the door!  🙂  My end date for having everything out of the basement and back in its place is February 15.
  2. Sewing:  I would like to finish at least one project each month (well, I would like to do more than that, but I think one per month is realistic).  I’m also giving myself until January 14 to complete the stack of mending sitting on my sewing chair.
  3. Cooking:  In addition to eating more nutritious meals, I would like to try 2-3 new recipes each month.
  4. Fitness:  I am going to get back into a regular workout schedule, starting with a goal of working out 4 times a week and working up to 6 times by the beginning of February.  My knees are trouble spots for me, so I am going to start slow, with a Wii workout game that includes lots of squats and lunges to build up the muscles around my knees.  I will have to workout in the morning before work (groan!), because with my kids I just can’t fit it in in the evenings.
  5. Bible Study:  I am going to follow a plan that some friends of mine are also doing to read the New Testament in 30 days.  This way we will be able to discuss as we go along.  It’s a lot of reading, but the plan is actually only 4 weeks, or 28 days, with two “grace” days each week, so there will be breathing room to catch up if I fall behind.  I plan on breaking each day’s reading up into morning and evening sessions.
  6. My Blog:  In the four days since I started this blog, I’ve published several posts.  Once school begins again on Tuesday, I don’t expect to keep up the same pace.  I would like to post at least twice a week, and do at least one post from my phone in the next month.  When I have extra things to write about, instead of posting more than once in the same day, I’ll hold those posts for times I’m too busy to write.  I’m excited to be writing something longer than a facebook status update on a semi-regular basis.

As I’m writing this, we’re entering the last hour of 2011.  May 2012 hold health and happiness for you and those you hold dear!


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