Nerf Dart Tag Camo Ammo Belt – January Project #1

My son got a couple of Nerf dart tag guns for Christmas, so I thought I would make him a strap/belt to wear to carry extra darts.  Not wanting to spend too much money on the project, we headed to Walmart to look for fabric.  Considering the rural community we live in, I was a little disappointed in their selection of camo.  We found a nice black/gray flannel that my son approved.  Then he picked out the color of grosgrain ribbon he wanted for the dart holders.  (You’ll see it kind of clashes with the darts, but he liked it, so it’s good enough for me!)

Originally, I had the idea to make the sling like a giant strip of bias tape so it would lay flat across the shoulder, but after pre-washing the flannel, it was so soft that I decided to add iron-on interfacing to stiffen it up, and I thought the stiffness of the interfacting would defeat the purpose of cutting on the bias.  The darts are about 3 inches long, so I cut the strips 5 inches wide.  For the length of the strips, I measured my kids around where the belt would hang from hip to opposite shoulder and back to the hip.  I placed two stips right sides together and stitched around the two long sides and one of the short sides, leaving one short side open for turning.  (Next time, I would cut the strips so that they are folded over on the long side instead of sewing alllll the way around! 🙂 )  To figure out where to start sewing the ribbon, I put the belt on my son and marked where it crossed his shoulder.  I got some of his darts and pinned the ribbon where I wanted it, using the darts to help “measure.”  I didn’t cut the ribbon until I had as much as I wanted pinned to the belt.  I ended up with about 15 loops.  I put two rows of stitches between each loop for (hopefully) more stability.  To keep the belt lying flat at the shoulder, I decided to close it kind of like a beauty queen sash, with one end crossing over the other.  I used black velcro for the closure.  The first belt went to my niece, who also got dart guns for Christmas, so now I have two more to make for my kids.  I think it turned out pretty well for something I made up as I went along!




  1. Kim

    Very nice… love it and it looks like something you would have bought!

  2. alexis

    He looks great with that! Very.creative!!!!

  3. Thanks! I thought it turned out well for something I made up as I went along.

  4. You should sell these on Etsy! They don’t have any on there…I would buy one, do you sell them? if you want to send me a message 🙂 my son is looking for one like this!

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