Monday Washing, Tuesday Ironing…

Monday, washing; Tuesday, ironing; Wednesday, mending; Thursday, churning; Friday, cleaning; Saturday, baking.  Anyone who’s read  the Little House on the Prairie books is probably familiar with Ma’s chore list.  I’m thinking there’s something to this, a day for each task.  Although I’ll have to pick a different day for churning; S has gymnastics on Thursday.  😉  Seriously, cleaning house is one of my big challenges…as soon as you finish, it all needs done again!  So I tend to put it off.  I can’t even really blame it on working outside the house.  As a teacher, I have summers off and I’m not any better of a housekeeper then.  A few years ago, I tried the FlyLady system.  Each week would be spent in a different “zone” of the house and there were daily tasks and routines to follow.  It worked, for several weeks, and I felt a little ridiculous at how good it made me feel to have the house so clean and in order.  But then school started.  I had been assigned to be a reading intervention teacher, but higher than expected enrollment meant that a day and a half before classes started I was put back into a kindergarten classroom.  Needless to say, the next few weeks of work were extremely busy and stressful and the housework again fell by the wayside.

I’m thinking of giving FlyLady another try, or at least a modified version of the system.  The funny thing about FlyLady was that they emphasized decluttering, but they would send several emails everyday…which really cluttered up my inbox.  In the last couple of weeks, I have made progress in organizing and clearing clutter, so things are going in the right direction.  I bought a new steam mop which is a real improvement over the Swiffer wet mop I had been using.  It’s easy and fast and leaves the floor feeling really clean.  The spare bedroom/sewing room is currently clutter-free and not a dumping ground for clutter from other rooms.  The computer room and dining room are close to being decluttered.  I’m going to have to summon the memory of the good feelings I had when my house was clean and in order to motivate me to work until the house looks that way again.  No more hiding dirty dishes in the oven when people drop by!



  1. FlyLady? I’ll have to look that up. All I get done is clean and my house is rarely up to where I’d feel comfy if someone dropped by. Of course, my busy 2 y/o is a dumper and destroyer, so that doesn’t help. For awhile I stopped working out and spent that time cleaning because I got sick of the mess. Then I realized the messes come right back and I was better off exercising in my free time because at least that had better results. Now Ethan helps me since I’ve usually burnt up his TV time working out. That’s kind of like letting a bull help you clean a China shop! Enjoying your posts, you are a good writer.

    • Another thing she suggests is to just set the timer for 15 minutes, work as hard as you can, then quit when the timer goes off. I hate to admit it, but you can really accomplish a lot in just 15 minutes of dedicated time!

  2. alexis

    Wow! I do fly lady too! Except I have a day for each chore and a schedule for laundry in a family binder. Weekends are just more fun without those chores! You would like Laura over there is all about being organized! And in our line of work it is easy to fall off the wagon! Lol

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