Ooooh, It’s Vintage!

I began another sewing project this afternoon, this time a “Little House on the Prairie” dress for my daughter.  I recently started reading Laura’s adventures to my kids.  I loved those books when I was little, and the broken spines of my old set announce a multitude of re-readings.  This style was big when my sister and I were little, so I borrowed a few of Mom’s old patterns.  I had a couple of yards of calico, so after looking at the pattern layouts and the sizing, S and I chose this one:

We’re going with the long skirt and long sleeves.  With a copyright of 1979, it’s vintage!  S “helped” me lay out the pattern pieces to be cut, and we talked about lining them up with the grainline or the fold and what the notches were for.  The skirt pieces were even marked for where my mom cut the bottom off for me and my sister.  After cutting out all of the pieces, I have the ruffles attached to the front and side bodice pieces.  So far, it’s looking really cute.

While I was sewing, S got her journal out and wrote this story (mistakes included, ‘cuz it’s cuter that way):


My mom and me are good at sowing.  Me and my mom can make enething.  My mom is makeing a dress rite now!  We are in the sowing room!  We are haveing lot’s of fun!  I learned the arrows and the notches too!

by S

So adorable!  I can’t wait to finish the dress.



  1. Kim

    Ahh…. love it! Someday perhaps S and Emily will both have a love of sewing… 🙂

    • Yes, after she got bored watching me, she went to her room and gathered up all her doll dresses that weren’t being worn and opened a dress shop on the top floor of her dollhouse!

  2. Making memories!

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