Now On Tour…

My husband and I have very few tv shows we watch together.  He’s watches football, Sports Center, football, PTI, and football, and I’m watching things like The Amazing Race, Grey’s Anatomy, Project Runway, Parenthood, How I Met Your Mother, and NCIS: Los Angeles.  But lately the one thing that will suck us both in is those infomercials for Time-Life music collections.  It doesn’t matter if they’re showcasing classic rock, smooth ballads, country love songs, singer-songwriters, or doo-wop, we are in for the duration.  The faded-star host paired with the gushing admirer, the inane patter read stiltingly from cue cards (Wow, that was such a great 80’s moment!), the same songs popping up several times during the hour, the lack of commercials to break the spell and allow for channel surfing…we’re really just lucky we haven’t ordered any of these already (pay by credit card and get two bonus discs!).

We even have a game to go along with the infomercials.  We’ve started pairing up bands who should go on tour together, based solely on similarities in their names.  Europe, Asia, and America, obviously.  Boston and Chicago.  Sherriff and Warrant.  Meatloaf and Bread.  Kansas and Toto.  Air Supply and Led Zeppelin.

Sing us out, Jack!  ‘Cause you’re all I need…



  1. alexis

    I had a similar game when I was on bedrest with the twins, I would come up with baby names for them names based on commercials or show names…. Ethan and Allen, Racheal and Ray, Bob and Evan, Paula and Dean etc. 🙂 It made for a lot of fun especially when I switched to hospital bedrest, I’d be asked what I was going to name them…oh what fun that was. !

  2. I’ve also discovered that my husband has an irrational dislike of Anne Murray! 🙂

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