No More Fabric

I went to the fabric store yesterday in search of a particular fabric, and only that fabric.  I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I still mangaged to leave with four new patterns (big 99¢ sale!) and four new cuts of fabric.  S was with me, and two of the patterns and two of the new fabrics are for her.  I think it’ll be a while before I take her again; she doesn’t have much patience if we’re not looking for something for her.  She was so excited to go find the patterns after looking through the books that she just jumped up and randomly started opening drawers.  We were looking at the Simplicity patterns?  I’m sure they’ll be in the McCall’s drawers!  Anyway, I’ve got so many projects-in-waiting piled up that I’ve decided to make a list and not buy any more new patterns or fabric until I’m at least halfway through my current stack!

Here are my new patterns:

And my new fabric:

The cream fabric with the black keys is for the second skirt pattern, the shorter version.  The red knit is for a top to go with the keys skirt.  The next two fabrics are for S.  The black swirly stars for a skirt and the red paw print for a dress from the fourth pattern above.  I don’t currently have a fabric for the first skirt pattern, but I loved the ruffle detail on the model’s skirt, and hey, the pattern was on sale for 99¢!

In addition to those new fabrics, I still have two Nerf dart belts to finish, S’s Little House on the Prairie dress, a skirt I’m turning into a top, fabric cut for a t-shirt, and fabric and patterns that I bought two years ago to make S a jacket and dress.  Luckily the patterns still are within her size range.  So, let’s count these up and see what we’ve got:

  1. Two Nerf dart belts–only need ribbon loops to hold darts, tedious
  2. Prairie dress–bodice together, minus sleeves and collar; side seams done on skirt and ruffle
  3. Skirt-into-a-top–needs lining attached and shoulder seams
  4. T-shirt–fabric is cut out
  5. Jacket and dress for S–perhaps for Easter?
  6. Black and cream keys skirt
  7. Red knit top
  8. Black skirt for S
  9. Paw print dress for S

Okay, I want to finish at least half of these projects before I buy any more fabric or patterns.  Unless of course there’s another 99¢ sale!!  Wish me luck! 😉



  1. Geesh, you’re going to be in your sewing room for a year! Glad you have a hobby you enjoy. I might try to do some of that someday. I used to sew with Grandma.

    • LOL! Hopefully it won’t take that long. A couple of things are nearly done, and one thing is half done, so I’m sure I’ll be buying more fabric soon!

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