A Little Ribbon

What I had…a bleh sweater set that I never wore.  The shell was a weird length and the wide band did not help.  The neckline was too low and the stitching on the front was open, which meant I needed a shell under my shell!

My inspiration…


Isn’t it cute?   I’ve been looking at a lot of sewing blogs and tutorials lately and I found it whilst Google-ing for sweater tutorials.  I found some brown ribbon with polka dots in just the right color pink, and viola!  Now I have a cute new sweater.  I didn’t really pay attention to the care instructions for the ribbon, so I probably just turned a washable sweater into hand wash/air dry.  Time will tell.  By the way, for those of you paying attention, this sweater was not on my project list, but I didn’t really break my self-imposed fabric fast…I just bought ribbon.  It’s nothing, really.

Oh, and I took in the side seams of the shell, added a ribbon belt, and made a tunic for S!  Aren’t we cute?  😉


UPDATE:  The ribbon turns out to be machine washable!  Yay!


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