Get Them to Do it For You

Remember when our parents didn’t need remote controls because they had us to change the channels for them?  Well, as I was working on one of S’s dresses today, and I had to pick out the topstitching I was doing because the bobbin ran out in the middle of the front of the dress, I got to thinking that if she wants new clothes she should really be making them herself.

Not really, but I was ready to set aside what I was doing.  The last time we were at the fabric store, she had picked out a black fabric with a swirly star print that we planned to make into a skirt.  She got a lot of hand-sewing stuff for Christmas, but she was really wanting to use the machine.  I started thinking that I could just cut a rectangle for her and she could sew it up herself.  She sewed the center back seam and zigzagged the edges, then I did the pressing for the hem and the elastic casing and she sewed those too.

Ready to go! 

She didn’t do too bad using the pedal, and I helped her guide the fabric.  You can kind of see in this picture where I put painters tape on the seam guide to help her see where to line up the edge of her fabric.  The biggest problem was when she felt she was going to fast and she’d try to pull the fabric back instead of letting up on the pedal.  But after we were all finished, she was really proud of her new skirt!  And I got to mark an item off my project list!

She even wrote about it after we were done.  (Where would she get an idea like that?)

 I made my own skrt.  It was a fun time!  I did the stichis to the skrt.  It was fun makeing a skrt.  I love to sow!  I love to sow enethaing becuesae it is fun to sow!  Sowing is fun to do!  I like it a lot!  My mom helpt me too!  I mite sow a crown together.  I wood of said thank you santa for the sowing kit!  I had fun!

Clearly, we need to talk about editing.  🙂   She yelled from the other room while she was writing, “Mom! (She talks in exclamation points, too.)  Mom!  Is this how you spell ‘because’? ”  And then she spelled what she had written.  I’m sure there were a few more u’s and e’s when she said it.  “Not quite,” I told her…  “Nevermind!” she said, “It’s fine!”



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