S’s Dresses

In the last couple of weeks I’ve finished two dresses for S.  The first was Simplicity 1949, a Project Runway pattern.  The dress had various options for yokes and sleeves and trims.

She chose a red cotton fabric with little black paw prints all over.  There wasn’t quite as much fabric on the bolt as the pattern called for, so we also got some black for the yoke and sleeve cuffs.  It turned out there would have been enough of the print for the entire dress, but the black made a nice contrast.

The dress has some pleating on the front and back that you really can’t see because the print is so busy.  It came together really easily, and because of the facings on the yoke and sleeve cuffs, the only hemming was on the bottom.  The pattern called for a lapped zipper, and next time I’ll just do a regular zipper.  It came out a little wonky, but not too bad, and print helps camouflage it.  The cuffs and sleeves didn’t come together perfectly; I had to add a little pleat to the sleeve to make the edges of the cuff meet, but  it’s nothing so bad that you’d think Denise Huxtable made it!  All in all, I liked the pattern, it was easy, and we’ll probably make it again.

The next dress I finished was the “Little House on the Prairie” dress.  This pattern was Simplicity 9354, from 1978.  It was one my mom had used when I was little, and on the skirt pieces you can see where she marked the length for me and my sister.

The pattern was missing the neck facing pieces, and I attempted to draft my own, using the bodice pieces as a template.  It didn’t turn out very well; they don’t lay very flat, but you can’t really tell from the outside.  The skirt on this dress is huge!  There were sooooo many gathers.  One change I made was to the ties in the back.  Instead of hemming alllll the way around, I just folded them over and stitched the sides together.  It turned out cute, but between the problems with the facing and the miles and miles of gathers on the skirt and ruffle, I’m not in a big hurry to make this one again.

With these two dresses finished, I have crossed enough projects off my list to buy some more fabric.  S and I headed out today to the fabric store.  Simplicity patterns were 5 for $5, so of course S thought she should get 5 and I should get 5, and we did.  We also bought some fabric, so now I need to reorganize my project list and start again.


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