Homemade Flour Tortillas

I’m a little behind on trying new recipes for this month.  The end of January and the first couple weeks of February I was fighting a pretty bad head cold, and I don’t like to cook when I’m sick…it seems like it would help spread the germs.  Anyway, I’m finally feeling better and the kids and I have Presidents’ Day off of school.  I was planning on making tacos for lunch today, because my husband didn’t get the day off, and he doesn’t like them.  I’ve been wanting to try to make my own flour tortillas, and having the whole day off seemed like a good time.

I googled ‘flour tortilla recipe’ (actually I only typed flour tor and google filled in the rest for me, wasn’t that nice?) and once again I ended up at allrecipes.com.  Really, one of these days I’ll branch out to other sources, but it’s hard to beat having all the reviews to look at.  Click here to see the recipe I used.  It was very easy, only five ingredients.  I substituted margarine for the lard.  I can’t imagine getting 24 tortillas out of this recipe; based on my tortillas they would have to be very small.  I think I got 9-10, but you could probably get a few more if you rolled them thinner.

They weren’t too bad.  They were a little bit puffier than the store-bought version, and not quite as flexible.  The kids didn’t like them with the taco meat, but my son suggested that we try them for breakfast with butter, sugar, and cinnamon, a la elephant ears.  I like the way that boy thinks!  And Mr. I’m-Good-With-Fractions decided that with 5 tortillas left, the three of us could each have 1 2/3 tortillas for breakfast tomorrow.  He was a little puzzled about how that would work, however, until I explained that one person would have two 1/3 pieces to make up their 2/3.

The final verdict?  The tortillas tasted fine and were fairly easy to make, but very messy to roll out.  I don’t foresee making them again, unless our elephant ears for breakfast are very, very good.  It’s one of those things that is worth the convenience of buying ready-made.


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