February Digest

February came and went in a flash.  I began the month firmly in the grip of a very nasty three-week head cold.  I was trying not to miss school because I had just missed two days staying home with my sick daughter, but I finally had to give in.  On a Thursday evening, I came home and slept until it was time to get up and go to bed, and then I slept nearly all day Friday.  Apparently, I did need to take care of myself.  For my sick day post What’s the Opposite of Ode? I googled that very question and found only other blog posts with that title.  I predicted that mine would simply be added to that list.  Now, of all the people who find my blog via search engines, 38% of them are looking for “the opposite of ode” or some iteration of that phrase.  (The #2 search term that leads people to my blog?  Variations of “nerf ammo/dart belt,” coming in at 23%.)

I was also lucky enough to spend three days in Columbus, OH at an educational technology conference.  I’m still not sure how I got approval to go to all three days of the conference, but I learn so much every year I can’t imagine not going.  And this year I was able to take my new Kindle Fire.  I resisted buying it because my husband had just gotten me a Kindle e-reader for Christmas 2010, and I just got my first smartphone in November.  Okay, so I didn’t resist all that long, since they came out in November and I bought mine in February, but still.  I was so glad I had it and that I didn’t have to drag around my school-issued laptop.  I’m glad I have the laptop, but it is not a lightweight model and it does not work unless it is plugged in, so it was nice to not have to choose a seat based on the availability of electricity.  (Ha! One of the keynote speakers insisted that no one says “electricity” anymore.  ‘It is everywhere and nowhere and we don’t even talk about it anymore.’  What?  He was a physicist and either very pretentious or a failed comedian.  I couldn’t tell if he was serious or just bad at being facetious.  I had an ancient professor in college who was constantly making bad jokes, followed up with ‘Well, I’m being facetious.’  He was also the guy who would distribute a handout at the end of class and then read it aloud before he let anyone leave.)  But I love my Fire, the kids enjoy it, and even my husband has discovered Angry Birds.

It’s been another good month for my blog.  I didn’t quite hit my goal for the number of visitors, but I didn’t publish as many posts.  I made a few connections with other bloggers, who visited and/or commented on a couple of my posts after I commented/linked to their blogs.  That was cool.  And speaking of comments, I’m talking now to those of you I actually know in real life.  I love that you come here and read when I post a link on facebook, but would it kill you to leave a comment every now and then?  🙂  It kind of cracks me up that some of you click the link, read the post, and go back to facebook to leave a comment.  Don’t get me wrong, I love that you read and comment at all, but it’s also a little thrill to log in here and see that someone left a comment on my blog.  Okay, boo-hoo, poor-me time is over, bring on the pity comments!



  1. Kim

    You make me laugh… but love your blog!

  2. Teri

    Pity comment…done. LOL

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