Pretzels, Take 2

Faced with an unexpected snow day, what else would I do but bake?  I mentioned before that I have several different pretzel recipes on my Pinterest boards, so I thought I’d try another one (read about the first one here).  This one is for pretzel rolls, and they looked so good.

from une bonne vie 

The first thing I noticed as I was making the recipe is that there is no sugar.  Hmmm.  Also, next time I will add more flour because mine stayed very sticky and kind of shapeless.  Third, even though this recipe did not call for one, I did use an egg wash before slicing the top of the rolls.  Here are how my rolls turned out:

Not as pretty, but delicious anyway.  Unfortunately these are the best looking ones.  My son, still scarred by the green edges of the last pretzels I made, refused to have more than a bite. They could have been baked just a little bit longer.  Wait a minute, do you see the happy waving ghost on the top roll?  Maybe I should put that one on ebay and make some money!

I ain’t afraid of no ghost… 

These rolls were good, but I think I prefer the first recipe.

***I forgot to tell about C’s reaction when I punched down the dough.  The kids were in the kitchen when I pulled the towel of the dough and gave it a good punch.  C nearly fell over laughing.  “What did it ever do to you?” he said.  I told them that the recipe said to do that, so S looked at the recipe until she found it.  “Yep.  It says right here…’punch down the dough.’  I guess you were right.”


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