Opening Day at Home

Today was Opening Day for the Cincinnati Reds, and although we were fortunate to be at the ballpark last year, this year we spent it at home.  We still celebrated though.  We had a small family gathering and the kids did their best to make it feel like we were really at the ballpark.  We started with the menu…hotdogs, of course, with a variety of fixin’s.  We also had peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Slim Jims and Rice Krispie Treats.  The Slim Jims and Rice Krispie Treats were to complete our “Kroger Meal Deal”.  When you go to Great American Ball Park, you can buy a value meal with a hot dog, small pop, chips, and a different promotional item each homestand.  In our case, the Rice Krispie Treats and Slim Jims.  I also found some small paper Coke cups on sale at Walmart to help with the atmosphere.

Then they got serious.  C and S informed everyone who was coming that there would be a security checkpoint and bags would be searched, just like at GABP.  They set up this area outside the garage door.

Curious about the sign on the back of the van?  Here’s a close-up…

They even made tickets…

Yes, that is princess notepaper.

With the entry gates secure, then they set up a Fan Zone in the yard, with pregame activities such as frisbee, kickball, and wiffle ball.  For a while, they even talked about selling Split-the-Pot tickets.  We had a great time, and my parents and sister even made their own tickets before they got here, just to make sure they’d be able to get in.  Thanks to Jay Bruuuuuuuce, we got to renew one of the kids’ favorite traditions…Ding-Dongs for dingers.  Any time one of the Reds hits a homerun, we get to eat a Ding-Dong.  They were a little hard to find this year.  Everybody was worried about Twinkies when Hostess filed for bankruptcy, but there were plenty on the shelves when we were looking for Ding-Dongs.  My sister finally had to get some individual packs at a gas station convenience store.  Maybe we should stock up.

We’re looking forward to our first trip to the ballpark on Saturday for Opening Night, but Opening Day at home was a lot of fun.  Jay Bruce himself even stopped by to say hello!



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