Sometimes, I Question Her Taste

If you ever watch Project Runway, you’ll hear that quote a lot, “You know, sometimes I question his/her taste level.”  Usually it’s coming from Nina Garcia, who, judging by what she wears on the show, has a fairly classic/timeless sense of style, never anything too outrageous.  In my house, it applies mostly to my almost-7 (going-on-15-who-thinks-she’s-23) year-old.  If it’s bright and sparkly and frilly and twirly, she is there.  Never having been a super-girly-girl myself (and yes, an admitted attention-phobe), I don’t quite understand it.

She’s not a total princess.  Right now she’s outside riding bikes and playing kickball with her brother.  While wearing hair extensions.  Yes, at Toys R Us, with the last dollars left on a gift card from Christmas, she bought a package of Barbie designable hair extensions.  They consist of strips of “hair” stuck to paper.  You go to the Barbie website and choose different colors, patterns, and pictures, then print it on the “hair,” attach it to the clips provided, and put it in your hair.  But, since this is S, she just can’t go with a simple design.  Noooooo.  She picks a pink/black/blue leopard print, but only puts it on the bottom half of the extension.  Then she puts a picture of a giant diamond in the middle, finishing with more leopard print on the top half.

The indentation from her ponytail just ups the taste-quotient, don’t you think?

This post was almost called “If You Take A Princess To The Fabric Store” so I could write about a couple of projects I’ve sewn recently for S.  At the end of January, we went fabric shopping and she picked out a leopard-print fleece for a poncho, and a fuzzy red fabric (think Elmo) for a top.  They were both super-easy patterns, although working with the fuzzy red was a pain.  I only wish that the poncho was a little bit bigger.  I made the biggest size on the pattern, 8, thinking it would take us through the end of this winter and into next fall, but it’s not as long as I would have liked it.  S actually helped with this project, sewing the two pieces of the hood together, as well as the two shoulder seams.  All I had to do was attach the hood to the body and add the finishing details.  It was my first time working with fleece, and since it doesn’t ravel, finishing the seams was very easy.  Around the collar and inside the hood, all I had to do was trim one of the seam allowances and fold the other over it and stitch, which gave a nice top-stitched effect on the outside.  The pom poms for the ends of the ties were also easy, although I think next time I will attach the ribbon to the inside of the poncho instead of outside per pattern instructions.

The pattern I used for the Elmo top was from the same one as C’s pajama pants.  The pattern itself was super simple, with only four pieces…front, back, and two sleeves.  Working with the fabric was another story.  It was shedding so much that I zig-zagged all the edges and “hemmed” the bottom, neck, and sleeves before I started sewing them together.  I say “hemmed” because I really just folded over the edges and stitched them.  The top turned out fine, although a little big, but I am not in a hurry to work with this fabric again.  I finished this about a month ago and I am still finding red fuzzies all over the sewing room!

Tomorrow is Easter, so today I have to finish up her dress and jacket before we go to the Reds game tonight.  (Opening Night!!  Woo Hoo!)  We went shopping yesterday and she picked out a headband and sandals to go with her outfit.  I’m not crazy about the sandals she picked, and her dad really doesn’t like them, but after she saw them she wouldn’t look at any others.  (But to be honest, he doesn’t like the sandals I bought either!  🙂  )


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  1. This is so great! What a character!

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