Reasons to Workout Before the Kids Wake Up

When we’re all getting ready for school in the morning, it’s easier to workout before the kids get up.  Now that we’re all on summer break, I don’t always get up and going before they do.  But working out with the kids watching is very demoralizing.

  • “Mom, how come you don’t look like them?” (Referring to the people on the DVD.)
  • “Mom, are you out of shape?”
  • “Mom, they’re using bigger weights than you.”
  • “Mom, they’re doing it faster/higher/better than you.”
  • “Mom, they’re not breathing as hard as you.”
  • “Mom, you better not try that…you might hurt yourself.”

And my personal favorite, after said child attempts the exercises with me for mere minutes before plopping back down on the couch:

  • “Mom, I don’t know why you’re making this look so hard.  That was easy!”

I’ve been a little neglectful of my blog lately, but as school was winding down and summer activities were winding up, I just got a little busy.  Hopefully I’ll make more time for writing over the summer.


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