Baseball, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie and Second Grade

I like that title, don’t you?  They’ve been re-using that old Chevrolet jingle this summer during baseball games, and it came to me one day that “second grade” was a perfect replacement for “Chevrolet.”  Even more perfect since I will be teaching second grade this fall.  I’m very excited about the change, and just a little freaked out since I haven’t been a classroom teacher for five years.  After spending my first 11 teaching years in kindergarten, I became a reading intervention teacher at the second/third grade level and then the last two years in first/kindergarten.  The worst part was waiting to find out what my placement for next year would be.  It was a little drawn out due to the domino effect…one teacher was retiring, and Mrs. X wanted her job, and I wanted Mrs. X’s job, then Mrs. Y was interested in my job.  It took a while for the dust to settle.

While I was waiting to find out if I would have a classroom, I couldn’t stop myself from making plans.  Or almost making plans.  You see, I didn’t want to make all these wonderful, elaborate plans and not have a classroom in which to use them.  So I kept a notebook handy and every time I had an idea, I jotted down a quick note so I could go back to it later.  I pinned interesting things to Pinterest, but didn’t follow the links just yet.  That’s my project for the rest of the summer…to sort out my pins, follow the links to see if they’re worthwhile, and raid my teacher-friends’ pins to see what they’re doing.

I also had my eye on a couple of books at that were recommended by others on the second grade staff.  When I first started looking at them, I wasn’t sure I was going to be buying, so I just put them in my cart to think on it a while.  By the time I decided I did want to buy them, the price of one of the books had gone up a little.  Prices tend to fluctuate slightly on, so I figured I would just check back every day and catch it when it came back down.  But it didn’t.  The price of one of the books has gone up at least $6 since I first put it in my cart.  Now I realize that this is a time of year when many teachers are buying this book, so it is in high demand.  But that kind of increase is a little ridiculous!  I live in a rural area and don’t have access to many physical book stores, so I was feeling kind of stuck, but I wasn’t going to buy that book from on principle…plus I didn’t want their records to show that I eventually bought a book after that kind of increase.  I ended up buying the books from (Barnes and Noble)…at the same price as had them.  Yes I’m out the same amount of money, but I just couldn’t give it to after watching the price increase that much in so short a time.

In the next few weeks students should be getting their welcome letters and finding out who their teachers are.  I can’t wait until my students get their letters and their parents tell them they will have Mrs. Barney.  The kids are likely to say, “That’s the cafeteria lady!”  As a reading teacher in first grade last year, I already know most of my class, some from having them in reading groups and the rest from having cafeteria duty, and that’s how some of them describe me to their parents when I see them around town.  We actually had a parent call the principal one time and complain that the “cafeteria ladies” were reading with her child.  I’m actually really happy to be finished with cafeteria duty.  The classroom teachers cover recess, and the intervention teachers are in the cafeteria.  At first I preferred the cafeteria because inside recess stinks, and with our winters we’re inside for three months straight sometimes.  Inside recess takes place in the classrooms because there is nowhere else to go, so you start to get kind of a cooped up feeling.  However, after five years of squirting ketchup and opening endless cups of yogurt and bags of chips I’m ready to trade.

I am anxiously awaiting the school supplies to go on sale.  Sometimes I think I must’ve become a teacher just for all of the different school supplies.  I love when Walmart has notebooks on sale for five cents.  I get stacks of them.  Seriously.  Forty notebooks for $2?!?  Who could pass that up?  And sticky notes of various sizes and permanent markers in all colors of the rainbow make me happy.

My best find of the summer, though, is the font I found yesterday…perfect for my baseball theme.  Check out that tail!  I might have to get a t-shirt made!


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  1. Get a shirt made! It lists all your fav things!

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