Inspired by Pinterest

So I saw this cuuute t-shirt on Pinterest.

At my school, the teachers wear jeans on Fridays, so I’ve been looking for some nice t-shirts that won’t look too dressed-down.  When I saw this on Pinterest, I thought it would be a nice little tutorial.  I clicked on the link, and found that I could buy the shirt for a mere $50. Um, no.

Why would I buy the shirt when I could make it?  All I needed were a plain white tee and some permanent markers.  A friend recently gifted me with a jumbo 24-pack of permanent markers, so I was all set.  I gathered the following tools:

If the shirt is new, wash and dry it first.  You’ll need a large piece of cardboard (or a giant coloring book) to put inside the shirt so the marker won’t soak through to the back.  I used a yardstick to make sure my lines were straight.  The colors are Bic Mark-It permanent markers in Rambunctious Red and Blue Skies Blue.  Before doing my new shirt, I did an old one and then washed and dried it to see how the colors would hold.  They did fine.  Except for using the yardstick as a level, I just sort of eyeballed the whole thing.  I did the red line first and didn’t measure the space between the blue lines.

Here’s my finished project:

Compared to the original, mine is wide-ruled, but that’s okay.  I teach primary school! 😉

I think this shirt has so many possibilities…you could add writing to it, making it even more like a page in a notebook.  As a gift, all the kids in the class could sign it.  For now, though, I’m leaving mine as-is.   What do you think?



  1. Cool idea teach!

  2. Pamela Smith

    Love it!

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