About Me

I began this blog as a way to stretch my writing muscles as well as a sort of journal to keep me accountable to various goals I have (see my first post here).  I live in rural southwestern Ohio with my husband and two children, my son C, and my daughter S.  My “other” job is being a reading intervention teacher, this year working with kindergarten and first grade.

What you will find here:  Stories about my family life, mostly humorous, others more serious.  They say writing down your goals and sharing them with others makes you more accountable, and I’m already finding it’s true.  Lots of things I wanted to do “someday” are now getting more serious consideration, because hey, then I’ll have something to write about!

What you won’t find:  Me trash-talking my family and friends.  I may tell funny stories on them, especially my kids, but I’ll tell just as many on myself.  I don’t tear down people behind their backs in real life, and I won’t do it here either.


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