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Of Buckets and Bridges

In the interest of trying to write more often, I’ve decided to try out Word Press’s “Daily Prompt.”  Today’s prompt is “What’s the 11th item on your bucket list?” I was tempted to skip this because I don’t really have an official bucket list.  (Was that even a thing before that movie came out?)  As …

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Ooooh, It’s Vintage!

I began another sewing project this afternoon, this time a “Little House on the Prairie” dress for my daughter.  I recently started reading Laura’s adventures to my kids.  I loved those books when I was little, and the broken spines of my old set announce a multitude of re-readings.  This style was big when my …

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Movie Magic

For Christmas, I got the book Harry Potter Page to Screen:  The Complete Filmmaking Journey.  It is huge and heavy and wonderful.  I thought I was finished getting Harry Potter books for Christmas.  For years, after a new book came out in the summer, my husband would get me the audiobook for Christmas.  Jim Dale …

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