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School Daze

Here we are, August 1st, just 12 days before school begins.  Actually, the students have 12 days.  We teachers only have seven.  Seven more official days of summer vacation are left, although most of the teachers in my building have already been working in their rooms.  I will be teaching second grade and have a new …

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I Like to Pretend Episodes I, II, and III Never Happened

This weekend, The Phantom Menace came to a 3D screen near you.  I’ll be waiting until they get to episodes IV, V, and VI, thank you very much.  I was 4, 6, and 9 when the original movies were released in theaters.  I don’t have specific memories of the first time I saw them, except for maybe …

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Movie Magic

For Christmas, I got the book Harry Potter Page to Screen:  The Complete Filmmaking Journey.  It is huge and heavy and wonderful.  I thought I was finished getting Harry Potter books for Christmas.  For years, after a new book came out in the summer, my husband would get me the audiobook for Christmas.  Jim Dale …

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