Pepperoni Pizza Puffs

Tonight for dinner we had Pepperoni Pizza Puffs.  This recipe I found on Pinterest.  Click here for the link to the recipe I used.  I wasn’t sure at first that I could find my mini muffin pan; a few years ago, I had to move my cake pans to tubs in the basement because they were threatening to take over my kitchen.  Seriously, I counted them once and quit somewhere around 30.  One year, three different people gave me the exact same cake pan for Christmas.  I can’t walk into Williams-Sonoma and not come out with some sort of cake pan, cookie cutter, or pancake mold.  (For Christmas this year, my mom got me Star Wars pancake molds and a Darth Vader spatula!)  But back to the mini muffin pan.  Naturally, it was in the last tub I checked.  (Do you know why things are always in the last place you look?  Because after you find them, you stop looking!)  I washed it up and got busy mixing the puffs.

I made a few adjustments to the recipe.  After greasing the pan, I sprinkled it with garlic salt like we do when we make pizza.  I added garlic powder and onion powder to the puff mixture.  I also put in a little extra pepperoni and cheese.  Before putting the pan in the oven, I sprinkled more cheese on top.  I meant to also sprinkle some Italian seasoning on the top, but I forgot.

I warmed up some pizza sauce for dipping, and the puffs were a big hit with the kids.  I thought they were good, but for some reason I was expecting more of a biscuit taste.  I guess I forgot about the egg; there definitely was an “eggy” flavor.  But, these were super easy and fast to mix up.  We will be making these again.



  1. So cute. I just got a mini muffin tin and am obsessed with all things “miniature”. I love the idea of sprinkling garlic salt in the tins or on a pan before cooking pizza dough. I’ve never heard of that but it’s a great idea!

    • Thanks. I can’t claim credit, though. I stole the idea from a pizza chain called Cassano’s.

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